Intercooler for an Internal Combustion Engine

An intercooler is a heat exchanger which cools air that has been compressed in an engine. Air is usually compressed in an engine fitted with a Super-Charger or a Turbocharger. The intercooler is fitted in the path of air that flows from the turbo/supercharger to the motor. Turbochargers compress air so that when it reaches the cylinders of the engine the engine can burn more fuel giving the vehicle the capability to move faster. It goes without saying that any compression will generate heat.

The temperature of the air entering the engine is raised by this process. Unfortunately, as the air gets hotter the amount of oxygen available is also reduced and this impacts the ability of the engine to burn more fuel.  Hot air has less density ie. It contains fewer molecules of oxygen per unit volume. This means less oxygen for the motor to burn and less power. Hot air can be dangerous and cause internal combustion engines to detonate (ie. Get very badly damaged).

The intercooler is there to counteract this process. It cools the compressed so that more oxygen is available to the engine. The combustion in each cylinder is improved.  In addition to this, the reliability of the engine is improved. Intercoolers work to maintain a safe air to fuel ratio in each cylinder. Intercooler prices will vary depending on the type of intercooler you require. Here are some of the types of turbo intercoolers for sale in South Africa:

Front Mount Intercooler

Front mounted intercoolers are installed n the front of a vehicle. This area is perfect for large intercoolers and cools heated air more efficiently. Front mounted intercoolers require much more tubing to plumb the intercooler as the distance the air travels to the intercooler is longer. The heated air must go from the engine (turbo or supercharger) to the front of the car and then back to the engine (or intake). A larger amount of tubing will mean that it will take a longer time for the engine to build pressure, or go into turbo speed, something that is known as ‘turbo lag’. They are also more exposed as they are in the front.

For example, a Mitsubishi Evo performance car that has a front mount Intercooler installed can be slowed down because the intercooler is clogged with debris or dust. Try to look for a front mount intercooler for sale that is suitable for your turbo car. Some of these may even require custom fitted radiators. South Africa has a reliable automotive industry that can handle most installations.

Side mounted intercoolers

Side mounted intercoolers are installed on the sides of the bumper or in front of the wheels when front mounted intercoolers cannot be installed due to lack of space. There are still ‘turbo lag’ issues because a large amount of tubing is also used for side mounted coolers.  As it is not at the front of the vehicle the clogging and damage from debris is significantly reduced and not really an issue with side mounted coolers. These intercoolers are much smaller so sometimes two intercoolers will need to be used to achieve the same effect of a large front mounted intercooler.

Top mounted intercoolers

Top mounted intercoolers are installed on top of the engine, a hood scoop is used to direct air over the intercooler. This small turbo intercooler reduces ‘turbo lag’ as there is less tubing needed. Unfortunately, the top mounted intercooler is the closest to the engine so the heat from the engine can actually lower the performance of the intercooler.

The right intercooler for your car cannot be based on just theory. Each car is different and may need a different type of intercooler than assumed. There are so many different types of intercoolers for sale in South Africa and there are tons of used intercoolers for sale as well. You can easily buy the wrong intercooler if you are shopping for cheap intercooler prices. As a result, you can spend more money trying to make the intercooler work on your car when it is not the right fit. Finding the right intercooler for your car is important.

When choosing to install an intercooler in your performance car this is what you need to look at:

  • Did the car already come with an intercooler, if it did is there an intercooler upgrade available specifically for the car?
  • Is the car a dedicated performance car or will it be used normally as well?
  • What is a priority for your specific car, Is it heat exchange or heatsinking?
  • Where is the ideal space to mount the intercooler on the car? This will determine the type of intercooler you will need.
  • If you are installing a front mount will it be easy to route plumbing to the front of the car?
  • What will you intercooler be exposed to at each installation, for example, debris or pollution from outside air?
  • If the intercooler is a top mount will the preheating from the engine be a problem on your car?
  • There are companies that supply universal intercoolers in South Africa and U flow intercoolers in South Africa at reasonable rates. Find out which is the best for your car before purchasing.

Transmission Oil Cooler for Heavy Duty Vehicles

A transmission oil cooler cools the transmission fluid in your engine from getting too hot. As the transmission works, the parts create friction making the fluid or transmission oil heat up. Vehicles that do more heavy lifting, like vans, trucks or SUVs tend to heat up transmission oil faster. This makes a transmission oil cooler necessary for heavy-duty vehicles.

The cooler is essentially like a radiator, the fluid is directed through the cooler that has tubes to absorb heat and fins to let heat out. It is usually mounted in front of the radiator just like an intercooler. There are a number of oil cooler manufacturers in South Africa that make good quality transmission oil coolers, South Africa has a thriving SUV and heavy-duty vehicle market.

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