A car radiator is a mechanism of heat exchange which aids in the cooling of the engine by transferring the warm air from the hot coolant and dispelling it via the radiator fan. It is the most vital component of the car cooling system and allows the engine to perform at its optimal potential by maintaining a moderate temperature. The vehicle cooling system must be fully operational to avoid mechanical breakdowns, so if there is a problem with the system it is best to replace or repair it before irreversible damage is done. Repairing or replacement significantly reduces the risk of accidents and roadside failure. Continuous monitoring and repairs of a problematic radiator can definitely improve the lifespan and performance of the motor vehicle.

The most common radiator problem experienced by vehicle owners is that of a leaking radiator. Any damage or corrosion to the radiator core will allow coolant to leak. Leaks can vary in severity from moderate to major, the latter will most likely require replacement of the entire radiator. Most frequently leakages occur around the hosing (lines and hoses or the hose connecting points) structures. The deterioration of the rubber hoses are largely dependent on age as the hoses tend to crack over time which gives the coolant a route to escape through. At connection points, hose clamps often get loose or break and that in turn allows the pressurized coolant to trickle out. Some hoses get so loose over time that they can eventually pop off entirely, resulting in a huge coolant leak. It is crucial to have leaks addressed and repaired by a professional soon after they have been identified. Leaking coolant will eventually cause the vehicle to overheat, as the heat generated by the working engine will have no channel of exiting.

If you aren’t keen on repairs, then consider the purchase of either new or used radiators. It is best to do adequate research before committing to a radiator to purchase. Shopping in store and speaking to seasoned professionals or mechanics will assist you in choosing the best radiator for your vehicle or they will be able to express to you if your radiator is salvageable via repair methods. Even when purchasing from auto repair and accessory shops, it is advisable to assess the stock they have and look for damage that might have occurred in store during movement or unpacking. A visual inspection is sufficient in assessing for physical defects. Be sure to check for damaged or bent cooling cores and ensure that the mounting brackets are in good condition. The coolant pumps are of utmost importance and must be of a high capacity. Decent coolant pumps are able to move coolant through hot engines at a much faster pace.

In addition to visual inspection, it is in your best interest to make sure that the radiator you wish to purchase is long lasting. It is vital that the radiator is able to function properly for an extended period of time. The purchasing of quality radiators allows you to save money in the long run and use it on the buying of other durable car parts when necessary. A part from looking for the best cooling system for your vehicle, it is equally essential to have an expert carry out the installation process. A professional will ensure that all components are fully functional and will be able to share important knowledge with you, should you ever need to conduct a minor repair/fix down the line. If you are considering purchasing a used radiator, take note of the following aspects:

  • Research all the radiators you think would be best suited for your vehicle. Search the internet for manuals and information regarding specifications pertaining to your purchases. Occasionally there are minor differences between the radiators of different year models of the same vehicle.
  • There are many scammers out there that are looking to take advantage of an unsuspecting customer.  Try to familiarize yourself with different price points and be knowledgeable about the value of the radiator you wish to obtain. Deals which seem too good to be true, most likely are.
  • Pay attention to the details and only make a purchase that you are comfortable with. Look out for corroded components and assess the existing construction and repairs.  Second hand radiators which already have extensive repairs might not be able to give you high performance, durability and longevity.

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