Radiator Cleaning and Repair for Ballito

Vehicles create a lot of energy as they run and take you from place to place. This energy travels throughout the engine and generates massive amounts of heat. Fortunately, your vehicle’s radiator’s sole job is to keep your engine cool and safe. A radiator that does not work properly can be detrimental to the safety of yourself and your car.

If you find that your radiator is in need of repairs or cleaning, look no further than Silverton Radiators. Our expert technicians can assist you with a radiator repair service to keep your vehicle running smoothly without the worry of overheating and internal damage. Read this page to learn more about how to spot a damaged radiator and what we can do for you in Ballito.

How To Tell if Your Radiator Needs Repair

One of the easiest ways to tell if your radiator is malfunctioning is to view the heat gauge on your vehicle’s dashboard. If the gauge is rapidly rising toward the red zone, your vehicle’s engine is heating past its normal limits. Another sign to be aware of is if you notice green-coloured fluid leaking beneath your engine. This may indicate a coolant leak and needs to be addressed promptly.

Something else to look for on your radiator is scale or rust buildup. This buildup can lead to the same issues as a damaged radiator, so a radiator cleaning service, or flushing, is ideal in this situation.

Our Radiator Repair and Cleaning Service

When you notice a sign that your radiator is not functioning properly, be sure to turn to the team at Silverton Pinetown. With both high-quality service and parts, you can count on us to quickly remedy the situation and get you safely back on the road in no time.

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