Silverton Tips


10 000 km or 1 year

  • Replace coolant – use approved manufacture specification only.
  • Test cooling system (Visit Silverton outlet)
  • Radiator
  • Cap
  • Fan

100 000 km or 5 years

  • Test cooling system (Visit Silverton outlet)
  • New cap
  • New thermostat
  • Remove radiator and clean/service
  • Flush cooling system and fill coolant – use approved manufacture specification only.
  • Test components relating to system i.e. Fan, thermostat, heater, pipes etc

200 000 km or 10 years

  • Same as 100 000 km checklist
  • New radiator (Only use original equipment or approved replacement- visit Silverton outlet for more
  • information)
  • Replace once a year (This depends on type and supplier)
  • Fill the correct amount
  • Use original type only (refer to manufacturer or manual)
  • Do NOT mix different types of coolant i.e. phosphate, glycol etc.
  • Avoid using water only to top up. Rather use a a mixture of coolant and water to avoid corrosion and reduction in concentrate.
  • Test regularly (Visit Silverton outlet)
  • Replace at 100 000 km
  • Do NOT remove (Long term engine could result due to engine not reaching optimum operating temperature)
Radiator Cap
  • Test regularly (Visit Silverton outlet)
  • Replace at 100 000 km
  • Use correct type
Diagnostic Tests

In a case where a cooling system component fails, the cause may be more than one fault in the cooling system (or elsewhere on the vehicle). These faults are often hard to find. As specialists we have the knowledge and equipment to accurately diagnose cooling system problems and more importantly, the underlying cause of the problem. To this end a range of diagnostic tests are available including tests for:

  • Combustion pressure leaks (eg. a leaking cylinder head gasket)
  • Electrolysis (electric current in the cooling system)
  • System pressure leaks
  • Pressure cap leaks/faults
Cooling System Checks
  • Cooling system cleanliness (flush the system before fitting new components)
  • Fan (does not switch on/kick-in/blow in the correct direction, are the blades in good condition?, is the cowling fitted correctly?)
  • Water pump (is the water flowing through the radiator?)
  • Thermostat (Inlet/outlet temperatures measured with an infrared thermometer)
  • Anti-freeze content (specific gravity test)
  • Components carry a warranty against factory and material defect
  • Warranty validation in writing when conditions are met
  • Redeemable at any Silverton outlet
  • Refer to franchise for conditions of warranty
Air-conditioner Tips

Contamination can be defined as any substance which should not be in that particular AC system, such as moisture, the wrong oil type, incorrect liquid charge type or any other material that interferes with the cooling system.

A contaminated system is identifiable through the fitting and failing of two or more compressors. This is because the new compressor acts as a filter, resulting in the containment getting stuck in the compressor filters out more containment, until the system is contaminant-free or close enough to it that it seems as through the last fitment is in perfect working order. Unfortunately, by this time the fitment centre is so upset with the suppliers “poor components” that the relationship may be damaged.

Our value-added services are normally not charged for when components are purchased from Silverton Radiators. Refer to the Silverton Head Office for more information:

Tel: 0861 RADIATOR

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